User's Guide

Noise control

In order to ensure peace and happiness with our neighbors it’s imperative we limit the amount of noise emitted from our location. For that reason you must follow these noise ordinances. Someone will be on-site day of event to ensure all guidelines are followed.

  • Amplified music must be contained indoors.
  • Noise is never to exceed 75db.
  • Quiet hours are from 10pm to 8am on the weekends and 9pm to 8am on weekdays.
  • Speakers and amplified music must be within the confines of the tent or building.
  • Speakers should be arranged to limit sound to only necessary areas.

Electrical systems

In case an electrical circuit is tripped there are two electric panel on site. One is located to the right of the french doors in the bonus room. The other is located to your left before entering the left bedroom in the guest cottage. Both panels are behind decor that will need to be carefully removed before accessing the panel.

Each circuit is labeled on the inside of the door panel. Find the number next to the short description then find the corresponding number to the circuit to know which circuit switch controls which area.

If you plug too many things into the same electrical outlet there’s a chance you could trip the circuit. In those instances you’d want to unplug some things from the outlet, then reset the circuit breaker in the electrical panel.

If you overload a circuit and yet cannot find a breaker tripped into the panel it’s probably because there’s an additional GFI. In that case, you’ll need to reset the breaker and press the GFI reset button located on an outlet directly inside the laundry room to your left. The reset button is in the middle of the outlet which should display a red light if the GFI is tripped. All the weatherproof, outdoor outlets are on that GFI circuit.

Outlet locations

There are ten outdoor electrical outlets. 

  1. There is one located near the air conditioning compressors on the far left if you're facing the front of the property.
  2. There is one located in the rear of the house to the right of the pool equipment near the irrigation controls.
  3. There is one located at the rear of the garden.
  4. There is one located at the bottom of the light control box in the rear of the garden.
  5. There is one located just outside the rear sliding near the ground.
  6. There is one located just outside the rear sliding door above eye level.
  7. There is on located between the guest cottage and villa on the right.
  8. There is one located between the guest cottage and villa on the left.
  9. There is one located at the well.
  10. There is one located at the rear of the guest cottage.


There are security flood lights around the Villa which provide enough light for getting around the patio at night. There are also color LED lights that can be used to light the face of the Villa. You will find the control box for the color LED lights just outside the french doors off the auxiliary room to your right. You may string your own lights provided your remove them when you're done. The tent does not include lights. You will be responsible for lighting and decor.


Smoking is permitted only in the designated smoking area on the pool deck in the back right corner. All cigarettes and cigars must be completely extinguished and placed in the provided ashtray. Any cigarette butts found on the ground will be subject to an additional cleaning fee.

Water systems

The water supply is provided by a well located directly behind the guest house. In the event of a power failure the motor in the well won’t run and you will not have running water. In the event, the well circuit trips the well motor will not run and you will not have running water. To reset the well circuit find the circuit in the panel and reset it. There is also the possibility of a separate circuit at the well itself tripping. If this happens locate the “D-Box” (It’s a gray box with the letter D on top) and push the small metal lever attached to it. That should kick the well motor back on.

The water in the villa is filtered and treated at the well. It is safe to drink and is softened so it should feel good on your hair and skin. If the water seems hard be sure to check the salt reservoir. It’s a gray cylinder with a black top that comes off directly next to the well. It should have some salt crystals in it. If it’s empty, salt crystals can be purchased just about any place in Florida including the local grocery stores.

Pest control

We regularly spray for mosquitos and other insects in the villa and in the ceremony area. The mosquito treatment is based on the lifecycle of the mosquitos and ranges from 10-15 days. The treatment is effective but non-toxic.


The villa is on a septic system. Only toilet paper, poo, and pee down the toilet. Please DO NOT flush wipes, sanitary napkins, or anything else. There’s a plunger next to each toilet in case someone gets overly aggressive with the toilet.


There are many places to park at Paradise Spring. Please try and park where there is no landscaping or irrigated lawn. The primary parking area is behind the Secret Garden. Other places are in the field in front of the villa, along with the inside of the roundabout, and of course in the gravel parking pad on the left side of the villa when facing the front. If you’re having a wedding and don’t want it to be interrupted by a passing car on the gravel road you may want to consider roping off the road prior to the start of the ceremony.

Dropping Off and Picking Up

Vehicles dropping off and picking must park on the outside of the berms surrounding the tent. Damage caused from driving over the lawn will be subtracted from your deposit. There an access road on the right side of the property while facing the front that will allow vehicles easy access for loading and unloading to the tent.

Trash and Recycling

There are two 90 gallon trash cans and two recycle bins. We're an environmentally aware facility and we ask that you recycle glass, plastic bottles, cans, and cardboard. Please use only the trash cans and recycle bins labeled Hillsborough County. The trash bins are to be at curbside (at the top of the roundabout in front of the villa) upon check-out. You are responsible for picking up all trash and debris left in the yard, pool deck, tent, garden, and alongside the road. Failure to do so will result in additional cleaning fees.

No glass policy

For safety purposes no glass is to be used on the exterior of the property. That means no glass bottles, glassware, tumblers, or vases. Please use plastic alternatives to ensure the safety of your guests.

Eating Utensils and Cookware

The villa includes enough eating utensils, plates, bowls, glasses, etc for up to 20 people. In addition, there is typical cookware like pots and pans.

Beds and Sleeping Arrangements

There are four roll away beds that can be positioned wherever you'd like in the villa. In addition, each of the three gray sectional sofas includes a fold out bed. You can find bedding in the lounge attached to each sectional.


The Secret Garden at Paradise Spring is all about being flexible. We don't force you to use certain vendors, we don't charge fees to the vendors, we simply provide the space. Please keep in mind you are responsible for any damages caused by your vendors.

Altar Arch

The altar arch in the garden is approximately 10 feet tall and 8 feet wide.

Villa layout

Pool deck layout